7 Tips for Effective Veterinary SEO in Nairobi

Let’s talk about Veterinary SEO in NAIROBI.

The other day I was scrolling through Twitter and came across a post on cat therapy. Apparently, there is a cat therapist in Nairobi with a 3-month waitlist. When did this happen? I even had no idea Kenyans were that huge on pets, leave alone the mental wellbeing of their pets.

But looking around both my neighbors have dogs (In an apartment) and around the neighborhood seems like lately everyone is walking their dog. So, a lot of urban folks are clearly keeping pets.

When you Google for “vets in Nairobi”,Nairobi small and companion animal hospital, Andys vet clinic, and Hardyvet seems to be at the top of Google search results in that order. A quick analysis shows that they are not at the top of Google search results because they do some serious Veterinary SEO work but simply because there is no much competition in the Veterinary niche in terms of content production.

Most Vets in Nairobi are not doing any SEO, so the few who have a few well-optimized pages even without much content are leading the pack. So, I figured I would dedicate today’s post to share tips on Veterinary SEO in Nairobi.

These are tips you can implement to have your vet at the top of Google search results. By virtue of being the top-ranked vets in Nairobi, the three vet practices take up an estimated 30% of vet-related business derived out of Google search. That’s how powerful Veterinary SEO is in growing your practice.

So here are some Veterinary SEO tips you can start implementing today to grow your Vet practice in Nairobi.


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Submit and Verify your Nairobi Vet Practice on Google my Business

Google my business kenya
Google My Business Tool

Google my Business is a powerful tool that you can use to scale your business by making it findable locally and ranking locally for Vet services in Nairobi. If your Nairobi Vet Practice is based in Karen and a dog owner living in Karen searches for Vets near them, there is a high chance your business will be at the top of search results if you have optimized your account well and the dog owner may opt to give you a call and subsequently business.

Search Google my Business and claim your business today.

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Do Veterinary SEO related keyword research

keywords research fro vetsin Nairobi

Before you do much, you want to know what Kenyans are searching on Google in regards to the Veterinary niche. Maybe most people are searching for a specific disease or defect. You need to figure out what they are typing into Google and then create content to answer those searches.

This is a super simple process to do using basic tools like Google Keyword planner. Search Planner, select your location, and type in the main Keywords like “VETS IN NAIROBI”. It will give you a whole spreadsheet of what other keywords people are searching for and their search volume and competition level.


Download that sheet and start with the “long-tail keywords”. These are very specific keywords of more than two words i.e. “Cat therapist in Karen”. That’s a very specific search compared to “Vets in Nairobi”


Long-form Keywords usually have low search volume but convert very well if you rank for them. In the case above if you created a ranking content on cat therapy in Karen, then there is a great chance a prospective cut owner who is clearly looking for a cat therapist within the Karen area will give you a call or visit your business.


Install Rank Math or Yoast SEO

Rank math and Yoast are tools that you use to optimize your content for SEO. Basically, once it’s installed it will give you an index on how well or bad your content is likely to rank based on certain metrics that make up the “Ranking Factors”. These are things like word count, the times your keywords appear on a piece of content, internal linking, the external link among other ranking factors.

Rank math has a little more functionality in the free version compared to Yoast, but both tools are solid so any will do in ensuring you check if you meet the optimization factors.


Create some long-form content

Way back it was possible to create a 500-word article and rank it on top of Google. That’s not the case anymore. The algorithm has gotten smatter and only the best quality content gets ranked. Having a longer quality article means you have exhausted the subject matter hence someone looking for information is able to access all the resources they need on that topic within your content.

Have a consistent schedule of creating content to ensure your audience always have something fresh and informative.


Optimize your content for search

The Rank math and Yoast tools I had mentioned earlier will help you in ensuring you check all the boxes in terms of optimization. However, you still need to know what to optimize. How many times to have a keyword effortlessly in your content, length of your content, etc.

Ensure you check all the optimization factors when doing your Veterinary SEO.

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Install Google Console

Google console will tell you what people searched for them to end up on your site and hence give you ideas to expand your content calendar and create more content that actually meets the needs and expectations of your audience.


Build some links

Links are the juice of SEO. Look out for some local blogs with good domain authority who have done articles on your vet niche and ask them to link you. This is Kenya will cost you a small fee. There are two ways to go about this. They can link you to their existing content they can allow you to have a guest post on their blog or website.

Idea is to try to build as many links as possible. Having many quality links pointing to your site tells Google that you are an authority and hence Google rewards your business page with a higher ranking.

There is more to be done on the technical side to ensure the ranking of your veterinary practice in Nairobi. But the tips above are simple steps you can implement to start growing your SEO footprint.

With the level of low competition in terms of content creation in the vet niche in Nairobi, these tips alone could easily get you on top of Google search results so next time someone searches “VETS IN NAIROBI” it’s your own practice at the top.

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