How to Support Small Businesses in Nairobi

I have always loved dealing with small businesses because the service is personal. You walk in and you know the owner by name and they give you royal service because they thrive through compounding small sales. Every customer counts.

I also get great deals from small businesses because they don’t have massive overheads and as a result are able to pass very reasonable prices to their customers.


If you are like me then here are a few ways you can support your favorite, small coffee shop, barbershop, Clothes vendor, plumber, startup law firm, marketing agency, or any other small businesses in Nairobi.


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1.Buy from small businesses in Nairobi

When you buy from the large corporations, it’s just another addition to millions they make in sales so senior executives can take the second company-funded vacations to Spain, or get lofty bonuses.


By buying from a small business, you are feeding a family, taking a kid to school, or allowing a small business owner to have a roof over their head.


So next time you have an option, spend your money at a small business.


2.Follow them on social media

Small businesses in Nairobi are moving mountains to grow their social media channels organically because they do not have the budget to grow them through paid social. Every new follower notification on their social media pages is a cause so celebration. If you have a favorite coffee shop, thrift shop, or barbershop follow them on social media. Tag them when you visit and engage from time to time.


The beauty of small business is that when you have grievances, you might just get to talk to the owner directly in the inbox and get them resolved, not a bored agency social media manager who now has to escalate it to their line manager before the client can even get a chance to respond.


3.Share their content

It takes a lot to produce quality content, especially video format content, and still do other things required of a small business owner.

Next time you see a small business owner has created some content, share it. It could be something as simple as a tour of their workshop or how to make patterns on coffee (By now you have figured I like coffee a lot) or a small video on teeth whitening from your local dentist. Share it.


It has taken them a lot to create it and a little love their way goes a long way in showing them their efforts are appreciated.


4.Recommend them to friends

If you love the service or products of a small business, recommend them to friends. Small businesses in Nairobi serve the very basic needs of the immediate community and any cents their way goes a long way.


It’s also just a great habit to share great products and experiences with friends and family. It actually makes you a better person to share well 🙂


5.Give them great online reviews

small businesses in Nairobi

Most small businesses haven’t built enough trust with their customers. That takes time, so online reviews are the social proof they need to be seen as legitimate businesses that have handled customers and provided amazing products or services.


So next time you have bought from a small business, drop them a quick review. It goes a long way in helping their businesses build credibility and trust.


6.Pay full price

Nobody ever goes to Woolworths or Artcaffe and starts haggling over their bills, but you suddenly get your haggling mojo back on when dealing with micro businesses. Like chill man, or woman. Those businesses are already struggling to exist. Don’t be an asshole.


Prices from most of these small businesses are by default always cheaper so it doesn’t make sense to haggle for 1 hour over 100 shillings. That could be their mark up and by being an asshole you are killing their businesses.


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