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SEO services in Kenya: Complete your digital strategy with Kenya’s leading search engine optimization agency

We drive high-value traffic to our client’s websites by substantially improving search engine visibility – but we don’t stop there. Our mission is to help customers gain exposure online, gaining leads and customers. Our SEO services in Kenya and marketing campaigns are designed to create more online traction for your business. Our in-house experts analyze your website’s digital assets while also looking at your competitors. Providing clients with an exceptional SEO campaign working within the means of your marketing budget.

Why you should choose Sprout Media

The algorithms that control how search engines work are constantly changing and evolving, and certainly won’t wait for digital marketing agencies in Kenya to catch up.

A genuine love and interest in search marketing, evident by the fact that we only specialize in SEO services in Kenya has led to a culture of constant learning and knowledge sharing. We believe that this is the only way to stay ahead of the curve and how we can give our clients a real edge over their competitors. 

At Sprout Media, we take client communication and transparency very seriously. We take the mystery out of SEO through clear, understandable explanations and empower the client through knowledge and reporting. That is why we’ve earned a reputation for excellence.

Kenya SEO Experts

We strive to provide high-quality results at a fraction of the price any reputable competitor charges. Other Kenya SEO Companies have utilized our services to rank their clients, charging twice the amount of our going rate.

I’m sure you know there is a difference between quality SEO and cheap SEO. However, there are ways to provide high-quality SEO at a budget-friendly rate. Reputation is powerful and since cheap seo = cheap results, we don’t want Sprout Media to become Cheap SEO. We aim to provide SEO services at the best value. Let’s discuss how we can make you less reliant on paid ads and enjoy organic traffic from Google without breaking the bank.

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How much does SEO cost in Kenya

The prices for SEO services may vary due to a myriad of factors which may include the level of competition in the category among other factors. We created a full resource to guide you on SEO prices in Kenya and help give you indicative budgets when working on getting SEO services in Kenya.

SEO Prices in Kenya

How to find a good SEO Consultant in Kenya

How do you find a competent SEO consultant or Agency in Kenya to work with? SEO still has not gone mainstream in Kenya and very few consultants have what it takes to deliver results. We developed a resource to help you in shortlisting the best SEO agency in Kenya to work with.

How to find a good SEO consultant in Kenya

Can you manage your own SEO

Unlike social media where the majority of businesses can simply manage their social media handles, SEO has a little bit of a learning curve and requires some finesse to be able to do well and avoid penalties from Google. In that regard, we highly recommend working with a professional for your SEO needs but should you be stubborn enough, below is a beginner resource on things you can do to be ahead of 80% of businesses in Kenya who do not do any form of SEO

Beginner SEO tips for Kenyan Businesses

At Sprout Media, we provide a personalized SEO strategy to each of our clients. Each SEO strategy is uniquely designed to ensure that the business will rank even in the most competitive niche. Apart from the advanced SEO services in Kenya that we provide, our edge is the personal relationship that we aim to build with our clients.

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