SEO Prices in Nairobi-What to pay your SEO Agency

seo prices in Kenya


The last couple of days we have been getting a ton of inquiries regarding SEO prices in Nairobi and we decided to reply to everyone here as well as to give you a great resource to use when deciding how much you should pay your SEO agency in Nairobi.

Despite SEO having been around for the longest while, it still seems like an emerging area in Kenya, if the number of dedicated SEO agencies or businesses in Nairobi that apply SEO techniques is anything to go by.

It seems social media has captured the attention of Kenyan businesses so much that they have forgotten or simply ignored one of the most powerful techniques in digital marketing to date. But interest seems to be growing and hence why it’s important you understand the rationale behind SEO prices in Nairobi.

How Agencies determine SEO prices in Nairobi

The amount you pay will differ from different SEO agencies in Nairobi and this will be informed by a myriad of factors which include;

Skills and expertise

As we had indicated in our SEO companies in Nairobi post, Kenya is filled with a lot of agencies that offer SEO services on paper. That is to mean they list it as a product they offer but never offered it to a client.

So basically, they lack the expertise and capacity to understand the full scope of what they are meant to deliver. This leads to a lot of variation in costs from being unreasonably cheap to being very expensive.

Agencies with the right skillset and expertise will charge their worth.

SEO Tools

Most agencies have not invested in tools to allow them to audit, research and report to their clients.SEO is art and science and to deliver results, the agency needs to invest in premium tools like Ahrefs.

Agencies that do no invest in tools are simply working on guesswork and won’t be able to effectively execute and report on what they are doing. By default, such agencies do not have a running cost for tools and can then be able to charge much lower compared to the agency that has invested in the right tools and therefore has to factor that in their quotation.

Keyword difficulty

The niche you play in can play a factor in pricing. If your business niche is saturated, the SEO consultant will have to work thrice as harder to rank your site because of massive competition and will in that regard charge a premium for taking on that challenge.

In most instances, SEO prices in Nairobi and elsewhere will vary depending on keyword difficulty.

Some industries are just way more competitive than others and that makes its way into your SEO quote.

SEO prices in Kenya

Note these factors and use them when negotiating a rate with your SEO agency in Nairobi. It’s pretty easy to gauge your keyword difficulty through free tools like Google Keyword planner so you have all the information on hand when negotiating SEO prices with your SEO agency or SEO consultant.


Ballpark SEO prices in Nairobi

Having delved into factors that will influence what your SEO agency charges you, it’s a great idea to give you space within which SEO prices in Nairobi will fall.

This is just to put you within the limit to you don’t end up overpaying or underpaying your SEO agency. It’s important that these prices are only relevant to the Nairobi market, and may not apply if you hire an international SEO agency or agencies outside Nairobi.

Below is a guide on how to charge based on the client’s size:

SEO prices in Nairobi 

  • Small/Micro businesses-Kshs 20,000-25,000(Per Month)
  • Mid-sized businesses-Kshs 45,000-55,000(Per Month)
  • Large Organizations-Kshs 85,000-100,000(Per Month)


This is a guide and the factors discussed above that influence pricing apply. Note that SEO is an intensive process and its great practice to compensate your SEO consultant within market rates if they are experienced.

Also, it’s important to note that this is a service fee, other costs for link building may apply.

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SEO prices in Kenya

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