Top 8 Best SEO Companies in Kenya in 2024

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I took the burden of compiling a list of the top SEO companies in Kenya, so you have an easy task deciding on the top Kenya SEO agencies you should partner with when working on scaling your business traffic and sales through SEO.

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Though still largely ignored in Kenya, SEO should be a fundamental part of your marketing mix. Most businesses opt for unsustainable strategies that promise quick wins. Like paid ads.

Paid ads are a pay-to-play model. As long as you have the budget to spend on media buying, you are bound to achieve quick results. It’s however not sustainable long-term due to dwindling media budgets.

SEO takes some upfront work but can drive traffic for years as long as you one update their content often and ensure it’s helpful. However, there are a lot of sub-standard SEO services in Kenya, or SEO consultants who resort to shortcuts that can do more harm than good to your marketing efforts.

In that regard, I wanted to share a list of some of the SEO agencies in Kenya I vetted as legitimate SEO service providers that you can work with to ensure great returns on your investment.

But first, let’s make sure we are on the same page on what SEO is.

What is SEO?

SEO standards for search engine optimization. At its core, SEO is the practice of optimizing your business online so it can be found by those looking for your goods or services.

Imagine you are in the Wetlands area of Nairobi and would like some Chinese delicacy over lunch. So you go on Google and search “ Chinese restaurants in Westlands” You will get a list of possible Chinese restaurant options. You are likely to select to top ones and check out their menu.

Have you ever wondered how Google decides which restaurants to show you first and why some never even show? The answer is that those restaurants that show at the top have done some bare minimum level of SEO.

This applies to all possible search queries. Whenever we search for something on Google, we get a bunch of results. The practice of ensuring that your business comes at the top of related searches when people try to find info or things online is what the whole practice of SEO is built around.

Why is being number one important? Backlinko analyzed 4 million searches and found out that the top 3 search results get 54.4% of all clicks.

It’s therefore good business to be at the top and you need a no-BS agency that will get you there.

Let’s get down to the real problem we are solving for. What are the best SEO Agencies in Kenya in 2024?

Selection Criteria

Just to be transparent, I think it would be great to break down how I came across this list, so you don’t think that I just pulled names out of a hat.

There are a lot of agencies claiming to offer SEO services in Kenya however, during my research for this article, I noted most of them especially the big house agencies do not even have the in-house capacity(staff) for SEO yet claim to offer the services. I also noted a massive disparity in pricing. I did a guide on SEO prices in Kenya to guide you on what you should be paying for search services.

That meant we had to do a little vetting for this list as follows:

Agency Ranking:

You don’t want to hire an SEO agency that can not rank their services yet claim they can help you rank. In that regard, we did a Google search to see what kind of agencies were ranking for some of the best Keywords in the SEO space in Kenya.

Google Reviews

We checked to see the kind of reviews some of these SEO companies were getting online

person holding white and black labeled box


I made mock calls to agencies to certain if they were specialists or just masquerading as SEO experts in Kenya. In most instances, some agencies confused SEO with paid ads or had no idea what they were talking about.

I used that as a basis to weed out those agencies from this list.

Basic Housekeeping

I also checked for the clients they had listed in case studies and did an SEO audit on those sites to see if they were doing a great job. In most cases, there were major technical SEO issues, duplicate content and a lot of non-indexed pages among most agencies, hence I excluded those agencies from this list.

Content Quality

Finally, I evaluated content quality and helpfulness both on client websites as well as their agency websites. Google rolled out helpful content updates a couple of months ago hence I wanted to know if they were serving audience needs or just churning out Chatgpt articles.

The Top 8 SEO Companies in Nairobi

1. Sprout Media Limited- SEO Experts in Kenya

We are growth marketing experts, specializing in SEO and PPC. We work independently with SEO clients to get them more clients through SEO strategies.

We have helped small businesses in Kenya achieve massive traffic through SEO strategies. Below is a screenshot of traffic I have achieved for a small business in the e-commerce space I have been working with.

digital marketing, seo, google

This is fully organic traffic and has translated to massive sales for the business. If you want to significantly grow traffic and sales for your business through SEO, Fill out this form and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, reach me through the following details:

Phone: +254–712–652–106

2. Akus Digital Solutions

Akus Digital Solutions is one of the leading SEO agencies in Kenya. They have done a great job of ranking for most of the keywords in the SEO niche and have good reviews.

They offer a full range of services including social media and can be reached through the contacts below:

Contact Akus Digital:

Phone: +254–771–616–234

3. Agency Africa 

Agency Africa is an e-commerce and digital marketing agency with a strong SEO service.

Their services include Digital marketing campaigns, branding, web design, PPC, hosting among other services. Such a huge list of services however from our analysis I am certain they know what they are doing SEO-wise.

Contact Agency Africa:

Phone: +254–703–636–060

4. Global Desarts Media

Global Desarts was one of the top-ranking SEO agencies in line with the criteria I followed for ranking the SEO companies in Kenya. Like the rest of the agencies they have a host of services; they have however proven their competence in SEO.

Contact Global Desarts:

Phone: +254–720–744–763

5. Jeder Agency

This is also one of the best agencies that has established itself by becoming more visible online, hence demonstrating its competence. Jeder was founded by Ian Kuria and has an attached Youtube channel which is now defact where the founder shared helpful content in the category.

Contact Jeder Agency:

Phone: +254–797–326–146

6. Code Fusion

Code Fusion is mainly a web design agency and Moonlights as a digital marketing agency. It’s common to have web design agencies offer SEO services as some SEO skills like technical SEO require development skills.

So I am not surprised that they are establishing themselves as a full-service agency with a strong SEO product.

Contact Code Fusion:

7. Ace Solution 

Ace is another full-service digital marketing agency with great visibility in the SEO scene in Kenya. They offer a wide range of services including website design and social media marketing,however, I profiled them specifically for SEO services and believe they have the competence to offer top-notch services to clients in Kenya,

Contact Ace Solution Africa:

Phone: +254–721–585–355

How to Hire SEO Companies in Kenya

When hiring an SEO company in Kenya or an SEO consultant, it’s important to do your due diligence.

Leaving your SEO efforts in the hands of a rookie may lead to manual penalties from Google or the implementation of strategies that do not move the needle.

Ask for an audit upfront so you are clear on the issues that your SEO consultant is working on and have that backed with a clear SEO strategy. Trying to undo a bad SEO job can be very costly and I hope that this guide will help you make informed decisions when you decide to add SEO to your marketing mix.

Pro Tip: Look out for agencies or consultants who can rank their agency content on Google. That is an indication they do what they preach and can deliver results.

SEO Agency Red Flags

Avoid SEO companies in Kenya that promise quick results.SEO takes time. Most agencies will ask for a minimum contract of 6 months.

Avoid SEO agencies that use black hat techniques like buying links in bulk. Such techniques can get you in trouble with Google

Watch out for agencies that may overcharge you for SEO services. Check my resource on SEO pricing in Kenya

Need SEO services in Kenya? Fill out this form and I will conduct a free audit of your website and advise on the way forward.

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