Online Marketers in Kenya-Top 5 Post-Lockdown Marketing Strategies for 2021

If there is anything good that came out of the global lockdown, it is that it finally gave a huge nudge for online marketers in Kenya and across the globe to rethink their marketing strategies and tweak them accordingly to remain competitive.

It also made every kind of businesses to rethink their entire business processes. Major companies started questioning whether they really needed a whole floor of office space. Restaurants had to deal with the reality of doing business without sit-in patrons. Ecommerce businesses in Kenya and across the globe however had their best year yet.

The global lockdown did not change how business is done in Kenya, it simply revealed something that has been a long time coming. Digital is the future and businesses that don’t adapt and rework their businesses for the digital age will perish.

It is surprising that in 2021 digital marketing is still something more of an afterthought in Kenyan boardrooms. Brands allocate thousands, even millions to traditional channels then allocate an eighth of the budgets for digital marketing.

In light of this, we wanted to share 5 post-lockdown marketing strategies for online marketers in Kenya. These are simply strategies Kenyan businesses can start implementing in 2021 to grow their businesses and avoid surprises.


Post-Lockdown Strategies for online marketers in Kenya

Build an Email-List

Having a massive e-mail is one the best strategies a Kenyan business can employ they have a chance at crushing their marketing. The marketing budget is usually the first cut businesses make in a pandemic or harsh economic times and Kenyan businesses are no exception.

Online marketers in Kenya had to grapple with the fact that their budgets were cut and suddenly it dawned on them that there is no concept of organic traffic on social media. Updates in algorithms over the years have made it practically impossible to get Organic traffic from social media, apart from LinkedIn where organic traffic still performs much better. That could also change in their next update. Who knows.

A powerful nurtured email list is the best tool online marketers in Kenya could have had during this pandemic but most of them had not invested in one during the merrier days and we caught off guard with no way to reach their customers.

E-mail marketing remains one of the most powerful resources a business can employ to get results in 2021 as it offers multiple avenues to reach out client through outreach through bulletins, or using that database to create custom audiences and target those people through Facebook ads or expand such database through lookalike audiences.

These are powerful techniques that will put you away above the average online marketers in Kenya.


How to build an E-mail List

Building an Email list is a pretty straight forward process, that should not take you a lot of time or budget. It’s just important that you create a niche-specific email list so as to get the real value of owning an e-mail list.

Let me give you a quick example;

Say for example you sell organic women beauty products like facial cream and would like to create an email list of Kenyan women who are interested in organic beauty products. Having this list will make it easier for you to sell to them because you have qualified them as Kenyan women interested in organic skincare.

But also, you can use that database to sort out people like them through lookalike audiences on Facebook and expand your audience and customer base.

Here is how you would go about creating an e-mail for your Kenyan organic skincare business;


Chose an email service provider

Email service is the tool you use to collect and share communication with your audience. We recommend Active Campaign or Convertkit, however, you can get started with Mailchimp for free and upgrade to Active campaign or ConvertKit later after your list has grown.

Create a Lead Magnet

Create a small PDF of organic skincare routine. Basically, a guide that people who love organic skincare can download and get your tips om organic skincare. Make this valuable as possible with all the steps for organic skincare in Kenya.

NB: You could even enlist an influencer with flawless routine and create a small pdf document with their skincare routine. i.e. “X skincare routine for Flawless skin”

Email marketing kenya
Example of a lead E-mail lead magnet

Create a landing page

Now that you have a lead magnet create a landing page where someone can go to download the PDF guide for organic skincare. You can DIY a landing page with tools like Leadpages or Elementor or alternatively ask a designer to make you one. But am a strong believer of DIY. Anyone with no tech background can create a landing page using Leadpages by just watching 1 OR 2 youtube videos. It’s that easy.

Create a thank you page

After a lead has opted they need to be redirected to a thank you page where you thank them for opting in and tell them the next course of action i.e. (The X’s skincare routine” has been sent to your email. This can be created with Leadpages as well.

By getting to the thank you page, it means you have collected their email by default, and now you can send them mass e-mails or target them with ads using their data.


Promote the landing page

Focus your communication through Facebook ads on getting as many people as possible to download it. These by default will end up in thousands of emails of people interested in skincare, then now you can send them bulletins and target them through advanced Facebook strategies linking to your sales page so they can buy your product.

Note: Running ads directly from Facebook to buy page rarely works. This is the workaround

This system can work for almost any other business with some tweaks and you end up with thousands of people in your email list who are interested in what you are doing.

Now through advanced strategies like custom audiences, lookalike audiences and retargeting, you can slowly start converting them into actual sales for your business.

You can also segment your list to customers who have previously bought from you and those who haven’t. So, in case you want to target only people who have bought from you with a 20% discount, then you can.

That, in a nutshell, is how you start building an email list. If you are going everything else, at least don’t ignore creating an email list.


Work on Your SEO

Having an E-mail list works on nurturing people who have already engaged with your business. Now you need to get fresh people interested in your product to organically come through your business.

SEO is a great way to send people who are searching for products online your way. These days probably everybody starts their search online. Businesses can influence where those who search specific keywords end up through ranking their own businesses on Google and other search engines.

We did a little audit at Sprout Media and were astonished to learn that over 65% of small to medium-sized businesses in Kenya do not do any form of activity aimed at ranking their site on Google. So, in a nutshell, most online marketers in Kenya ignore SEO.

Here is how it works;

Let’s assume you run a legal practice in Nairobi, then you are probably facing a ton of competition from other well-established legal practices or new ones. How do you develop an edge over everyone else in terms of client acquisition? SEO.

Working on your SEO, it means prospective clients who are searching for lawyers to represent them will land on you first. You can put systems to collect their details so you can have your secretary call and book appointments.

A much efficient way to acquire clients compared to cold calling and ambulance-chasing.

SEO prices in Kenya


Invest in Facebook ads

Facebook ads are the most powerful tool to happen to digital marketing. Basically, the data points Facebook keeps are so massive and impressive that you can almost guarantee success with Facebook ads. I am sure most online marketers in Kenya are familiar with the Cambridge Analytica scandal. That’s how powerful Facebook ads are.

However, most Kenyan businesses don’t see results because they do basic Facebook ads. A while back we attended a training session dubbed Boost with Facebook. A partnership between Facebook and a local company in Kenya aimed at equipping local business owners in Kenya with skills to market with Facebook.

You can imagine our disappointment when trainers only talked about, opening Facebook pages, and designing graphics. They did not train on the real skills small businesses need to scale and grow. Nothing about creating their own customer databases through event pixels, nothing custom audiences, Lookalike audiences, conversion optimization.

Actually, the whole training was “post and they will come”. Which is a lie, because with algorithm updates it’s impossible to get organic traffic on Facebook even if you have a large community there. For small businesses to scale with Facebook ads they need to know the advanced ad strategies, not organic content posting strategies that no longer work.

Facebook is a pay to play channel. To get results you invest in ads.

Most online marketers in Kenya claim they don’t see results with Facebook. That’s easy to understand considering the training they are exposed to currently in Kenya.

Results with Facebook ads is almost guaranteed, but you need to know what you are doing to get results with Facebook.

Note: We are actually working on a FREE advanced tutorial for Kenyan business owners which we will share on our Facebook or youtube channel so online marketers in Kenya can have access strategies which will get the results.


Start Creating Video Content

Affinity for video content has grown massively over the last couple of months as most content creators and businesses embrace it fully.

Online marketers in Kenya should not just consider video content from the storytelling angle but from the brand and lead nurturing angle.

You can use video content alongside advanced paid media strategies to nurture prospective customers into a paying customer.

Let’s say you are a business starting out and you don’t have a lot of brand value to go on. You are starting from scratch and want to lead total strangers into your business through digital marketing. How do you go about that?

Here is how;


Create 3 videos

This stage involves creating 3 simple videos that will help you take a cold audience through your sales process. The videos are as follows:

i.Why Video

Basically, a video about your business detailing why you do what you do.

ii. Testimonial Video

Testimonial video of your previous satisfied customers. Nothing fancy could just be a video taken with a phone talking about how your product or service solved their problem.

iii. Product Video

Video showing what your product is and what it does or what it’s used for

In a nutshell, anyone who goes through the three videos knows who you are, what you do, has social proof that your product works and has information on what your product looks like or does.

But how do you make sure someone goes through the three videos?



Run the initial video for a couple of days (Between 5-7 days) to a broad audience. In advanced Facebook ads, you can retarget those who viewed for 5 seconds and above with a second video which in this case is the testimonials and subsequently retarget those who viewed the testimonial video with the final product video.

At end of this cycle, you have a customer who you have nurtured through knowing your business, what you do and products you offer.

You can now escalate to the final stage.


Send them to a Landing page

The landing page is where now you take the customer who has gone through all your process and prompts them to take an action. Actions can vary here. If the product is a high-value product or service, don’t sell to them directly just collect their details by letting them opt-in and take them through your e-mail sequencing until its warm lead.

If it’s a cheap product where they can make prompt actions then send them straight to the sales page or appointment page if you deal in services.

This system ensures you are constantly building a brand and generating leads at the same time post-pandemic for your business.


Automate your Marketing

The entire processes I have discussed above, of building and email, list, sending out emails to the list, and generating leads can all be automated so it happens on autopilot without you logging in daily or weekly.

This is like having a sales team constantly working to bring you new leads to your business, only these sales team is not on payroll 🙂  It’s all digital systems.

This frees up your time so you can focus on delivering to your customers while your system is working on autopilot to fill your business with fresh leads every day.



You can start implementing one system at ago to gauge how it works before scaling, but these are essential strategies online marketers in Kenya can use to proof their businesses post-lockdown.


If you have any questions kindly share them below in the comments section.




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