Why Nairobi Businesses should not ignore SEO

Social media marketing has blown up in Nairobi and Kenya in general and almost every business has gotten the memo. Even your panel beating guy and the garage has a Facebook page where they show their work.

It’s no wonder starting a digital marketing agency is the hottest business in Nairobi right now because businesses want to leverage the power of social media to grow.


However, if you talk to most business owners about the volume of business they get from social media, especially small businesses, usually, you will get; “a customer here, an inquiry there”.


As much as they are putting loads of effort, it’s not materializing into actual paying clients for these businesses.


This is because social media are paid channels, if you would like to get results from Facebook or Instagram then you need to spend on ads. Facebook limits organic reach so that you pay for ads. This is the memo most businesses have missed and Agencies need to do a better job of letting them know.


Facebook is a pay-to-play channel. If you could achieve significant organic traffic on Facebook, then you would not be motivated to advertise and Facebook would not make money. To get you to advertise, they take away the organic reach element.


However, there is another way you can grow your business consistently and predictably without having to spend an arm and a leg on advertising.SEO.

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SEO involves creating long-form content at scale on your page and optimizing them so your site ranks on top of Google search based on keywords your prospective customers are using online.


Why Nairobi businesses should embrace SEO

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1.SEO is super easy compared to social Media

Customers go on Google because they need a problem solved and if you can guide them on how to solve that problem and hook them then you will have yourself a customer.


Let’s work with a bad example. Let’s say you sell boiled eggs informational products and would like to get customers online. You will need to do small keyword research to figure what people are searching online in regards to boiled eggs.


Then create content to answer those questions by creating helpful content like:


Let’s say you figure most of their questions revolve around:


  • How to boil an egg
  • How to ensure your boiled egg is cooked
  • What’s the best thing to eat with a boiled egg
  • What to season boiled eggs with


When this is optimized over time it will slowly climb the google ranks to where when someone searches any of these your website comes up first and you are able to answer their questions and hook them with a 10% discount on egg boiling eBook.


Or in my case, if you reach out we could handle your SEO at a 20% discount.


See what I did there. I focus on helping businesses rank their businesses on Google so they can get massive organic traffic and grow their business and I just gave you an offer of 20% mid an article that advises you on why you should not ignore SEO.


That’s how easy it is to rank your business and start getting a constant flow of customers to your business in Nairobi


So, if you are a business reading on digital marketing in Kenya and come across this article you would be tempted to reach out to me on SEO on the 20% link I have shared above and that’s how I get you as a prospect in my pipeline. See?


2.SEO is predictable

If you are putting budgets behind your Facebook campaigns then you will have predictable results. However, if you going the organic route then SEO is the best approach.


Clients push agencies trying to get them to create something that will go “viral”. The honest truth is there is no blueprint to virality. Things just go viral or they don’t. However, in SEO you already know how many people search for that specific keyword you are going after, so if you write a quality piece and optimize well them you are sure to rank it and get a new audience.


3.SEO is affordable

In Kenya to get great results, you need to have a minimum monthly budget of Kshs 50,000. You see, Facebook ads have a learning phase in which around 50 conversions are essential to effectively optimize the post-learning phase.


Your ad failing to get the threshold for the learning phase means you can’t optimize for one and secondly you will end with mediocre results. To get the 50 conversions you need to start your campaign with at least Kshs 2000-Kshs 2500 per adset. Facebook, for those who know what they are doing, is very expensive.


SEO is significantly affordable, all you need to do is create great content, you might only spend very little money when doing your link building but results are long-term and less pricey compared to using paid digital Media.


4.Brings customers on autopilot-Evergreen

When your budget runs out with paid media then you have no more customers. You constantly have to spend to get customers.

With SEO, one quality article written today can still be read 1 year down the line. You keep getting leads for the work you put in last year. This is not the case with social media where once something is down the grid it is gone and can’t get you traction one year down the line, you have to constantly post to retain visibility. Which you don’t get much of either because social media limit organic traffic.


5.Its less competitive

startups in nairobi

Most businesses in Nairobi see keyword research, link building, and writing articles as so much work hence only focus on writing one-liners on Facebook and Twitter accompanied by memes. That’s why social media is so crowded. Because it’s too easy for a lazy marketer.


This means your competition is probably not doing their SEO or optimizing their site. If you start today you have a real chance of ranking fast and take all customers for yourself while they are wondering how you grew so fast.


It’s a blue ocean that a lot of Nairobi businesses have not taken advantage of and you could be the first in your niche and dominate your industry.


If you would like your SEO professionally handled, reach out to us HERE and we will get your business to the top of search results on Google.

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