Best Business to Start in Nairobi-10 Best Ideas You Can Start Today

I have an idea of the best business to start in Nairobi this year.

Despite everything going on, Nairobi remains a beehive of activity and that provides great opportunities for competent people to build successful businesses. I compiled a list of great business ideas that anyone can start today and grow into a successful business.

The ideas I have included in this list require little or no major capital to start but have massive growth prospects. Business is a game of chance, even with the best data and information there is always no guarantee that a business will become successful, however, studying trends and growth in other sectors of the economy can give you an idea of current and future opportunities. Then it’s up to you to set up yourself to take advantage of those opportunities.

Of course first part involves ensuring your digital marketing is handled professionally by reaching out to these guys.


Let’s get right into it.

Best business to start in Nairobi in 2021


Digital Marketing Agency

2020 forever changed how businesses operate and how they market their products to their audience. The digital marketing space has been growing massively with the decline of traditional forms of marketing, however, 2020 gave it a major push as most businesses had to rethink their whole marketing plans to fit within what was happening in the world

This means more businesses in Nairobi than ever before are looking for digital marketing experts to take their message to their audience. The word expert may give an impression that a lot of years of experience is required to market for businesses. That’s so far from the truth.

The current generation grew on the internet, so at the base level, everyone knows their way around social media, Google, WordPress, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. That’s a start. Secondly, you just need to put a little work into understanding the technical aspects like running ads, tracking performance copywriting, then partner with a great graphic designer and video editor. That’s all you need to start a digital marketing agency.

Now you have an expertise you can sell, but how do you get clients?

When I started my agency, I created a huge list of businesses by researching online and seeing what they do in terms of social media, I would then call these businesses and try to set up meetings to pitch my services, and that’s how I got my first clients in.

Much later I started running lead generation ads on Facebook and Google. This made work easier as I could generate leads at scale and from there I would collect details and follow up.

When getting started focus on cold calling, when the budget allows run some ads. Agencies have the habit of not practicing what they preach. If you would run ads for your clients, run some for you as well.


Website Design Business

Probably every business requires a website. Immediately after registration, the next front for a business owner is to get a website for their business. This makes website design one of the best businesses to start in Nairobi. Government estimates show that about 326 businesses are registered daily in Kenya.


All those 326, businesses registered daily will require a website at some point. If you have positioned yourself well you have a great opportunity to get constant work.


Do you need to know how to code to start a web design agency? No, you don’t. I would advise at the base level you learn HTML and CSS but, codeless website development is taking over the world and all you need is to learn a website building software like Elementor and you are able to start charging clients for professional websites.


Depending on the site you are creating, you will be able to charge between Kshs 10,000 for simple 5-page websites and Kshs 150,000 for complex websites with e-commerce functionalities.


If you need a website for your business click here for a quotation


best business to start in Nairobi

An online restaurant

Online food delivery is booming in Kenya but what’s most important is that Kenyans have gotten comfortable with the idea of ordering food and trusting the process. Outside the restaurants that make up Jumia food, Uber eats partners, there is a huge untapped niche for home-cooked fresh food delivery to offices.


There is still a heavy preference for home-cooked meals. Simple dishes like rice and beans, lentils and chapati, or Mboga kienyeji. Options that you will not find on the popular food apps.


Create some online presence and order button then do your deliveries to the offices every lunchtime. You don’t need a restaurant, you could cook everything from your home kitchen at night and do your deliveries from mid-day since the office niche is a lunch-only service.



Courier services

The E-commerce space is booming, which means more e-commerce businesses need to have their products delivered to customers on time. This means the courier space will keep growing with the growth of e-commerce in Kenya.


Buy clean second-hand motorcycles which might cost you less than Kshs 50,000 apiece. Register your business and brand it well, then go online and make a list of everyone selling things online either on social media or on their website and pitch your services.


With just 10 active clients you will have a sustainable business.


E-commerce store

Lipa na M-Pesa has led to massive growth in the e-commerce space in Kenya, has it has made it easy for merchants to accept payments easily as well buyers to make payments via a platform they trust.


Do you have anything you can sell? Well, sell it online.


Starting an e-commerce store used to be so expensive, but now thanks to companies such as Mzizzi, you can start an e-commerce store for free and start selling your products within a day. Of course, they take a very small commission on sales but it’s a way to get your store up and running without spending a lot of money having an e-commerce page designed and integrated into payment platforms.


This is literally the best business to start in Kenya right now.



A CV writing service

Do you have killer CV writing skills, well help others get their dream interviews with a professional resume.

Create some online presence and charge a small fee for the service. Allow online payments so you can have a backend dashboard of your workflow.

What makes it the best business to start in Nairobi? Thousands of graduates are joining the career world clueless and for a small fee, they want to maximize their chances of landing interviews.


This is a simple business you can get up and running within a day.


Manufacture a niche product

I once attended a talk at Sinapis where I met two ladies manufacturing lactation products. Basically, one of them had a baby and had problems producing enough milk, so she did some research and figured out how to make lactation cookies and teas from her kitchen.


She shared some with friends who were having the same issue and soon the demand was so much she started selling them and later had to move operations from her kitchen to a small factory.


Manufacturing is as simple as that. You don’t need millions to start.



Photography & Videography service

Every week someone is getting married, celebrating a birthday, or having some form of social function. Well, with a simple camera and a great lens you can start charging for photography services for such events with minimum experience. What makes it the best business to start in Nairobi is how easy it can be to get clients. Is an uncle getting married?is the neighbor having a birthday party? all those are client opportunities


As your experience grows you can shift to more lucrative niches like product photography, advertising photography, etc.


But you have to start at the bottom to build on a portfolio that you can share with agencies when going pro.

kenyan youtubers

Start a blog/Youtube Channel

I recently engaged a Youtube couple with barely 15k subscribers that were making in the region of Kshs 75000 on a good month, depending on views of course. This makes starting a youtube channel or a blog a serious way of making money.


Choose your area of interest and start creating youtube videos around it. Growth takes time but after being monetized you can have yourself a lucrative passive income thing going on.



These are some ideas of the best business to start in Nairobi in 2021 and feel these ideas are fresh and scalable with huge growth opportunities in Kenya. What are some ideas you have for small businesses in Nairobi? Share with us.






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