Best 15 Best SEO Companies in Nairobi in 2023

We took the burden of compiling a list of the top SEO companies in Nairobi, so you have an easy task deciding on the top Nairobi SEO agencies you would like to partner with to grow your traffic and business through search engine optimization.

The Top 15 SEO Companies in Nairobi

  1. Sprout Media
  2. Bean Interactive
  3. Dotsavvy
  4. Zilojo
  5. Creative VMLY&R
  6. Ace solution Africa
  7. Brand 2D
  8. Get sales
  9. Agency Africa
  10. Global Desarts media
  11. Dimehub
  12. Web creations Design
  13. TDS marketers
  14. Page One
  15. SEO Kenya

SEO is the most important component of digital marketing that is often ignored over social media and that explains why the majority of business owners in Kenya complain that they don’t see tangible results with their digital marketing efforts.

Effective digital marketing is a holistic process that includes taking a lead through a sequence of communications and eventually converting them into actual paying customers in your business. That process starts with having a solid SEO plan at the centre of your digital marketing strategy.


What is SEO

Every single day thousands of Kenyans go on Google to search for something they are looking for. They could be looking for a place to take a date, a plumber, a dentist, or the next school to register their child.SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving your site through content and various optimization methods to increase its visibility to relevant searches.

In a way that when someone searches “dentist in Nairobi” then your business comes at the top of search results and is the first thing they see on their Google search results.

Data from Google shows that the top search result gets 33% of the traffic attributed to that keyword. So, if 1000 people in Nairobi go online every month looking for a dentist, then there is a likely chance that 33% of those will contact your business because you rank higher in Google. Considering you have optimized for that specific keyword.

SEO landscape in Nairobi 2023

While in the Western world, SEO is a huge component of businesses’ online strategies, Nairobi is yet to catch up and a lot of businesses don’t do any form of SEO. Our in-house estimates point to over 75% of small businesses not doing any form of SEO.

This is disappointing considering SEO is one of the most powerful tools small businesses can use to outdo the bigger players and build massive traffic and new customers into their businesses. 

Most Digital marketing agencies in Nairobi offer the service only on paper and actually don’t have the in-house capacity to deliver results through SEO for businesses. That is why we compiled this list. To give business owners a list of agencies they could approach for their SEO needs.

As more companies are taking a keen look at how to scale their businesses, the uptake of digital marketing and SEO in Nairobi is starting to grow significantly and we wanted to give business owners a resource to choose from when selecting their SEO agency in Kenya.

Criteria for selecting top SEO Companies in Nairobi

In compiling this list of the top SEO companies in Nairobi, we came up with a criterion for how agencies would make it to this list. 

There are a lot of agencies, especially the major ones who have it just on paper as part of their service offerings but have never offered it as a service to any Kenyan businesses, hence we took a keen look at SEO companies in Nairobi that are actually offering the service actively and competent at it.

During the compilation of this list, we also noted that some agencies did not even have SEO experts on staff yet had it listed as a service offering. Such agencies will not make this list.

So below is the Criteria that we followed to compile this list.

  • SEO Specialists

We wanted this list to capture SEO experts in Nairobi, so it was important that we started by looking out for Agencies that specialized exclusively in SEO. We figured out that only Sprout Media Specializes exclusively in SEO. The rest of the Digital marketing companies in Kenya had SEO as a service offering but were not specialists. We, therefore, opted on adding a little bit of leeway to accommodate at least 15 SEO companies in Nairobi.

  • Google Reviews

The next step involved analyzing Google reviews of digital marketing agencies in Kenya that offered SEO as a service and actually had the capacity in-house to deliver on SEO projects. 

We were looking for positive reviews which reinforce the point that these agencies had actually delivered on projects to the satisfaction of clients.

This is an important factor in choosing an SEO company in Nairobi.

  • Referring Domains

We also looked at referring domains to the websites of these agencies as we needed to see if they were an authority in the SEO space and be sure they were actually working on building backlink networks for their own businesses.

You want to buy cakes from a baker who eats their cakes. We wanted to be sure they were practicing what they were preaching to Nairobi businesses.

  • Housekeeping Details

We also checked a series of minor SEO housekeeping basics, Like ensuring their sites and those of clients they handled had SSL certificates, Were mobile-friendly, and had great loading speeds.

These are basic housekeeping details that give you an idea of how seriously the agency takes its SEO business practices.

  • Content

Finally, we looked out to ensure the agencies were putting out valuable content on SEO or just putting out fresh content to improve on their SEO and provide value to Kenyan marketers and business owners.

1. Sprout Media

Sprout Media is a #1 rated SEO agency in Kenya specializing exclusively in search engine optimization for clients in Nairobi and Kenya at large. 

The Agency started out in late 2018 as a generalist digital marketing agency and has since shade other services to specialize exclusively in providing excellent SEO services in Kenya.

Based in Nairobi, Sprout works with local businesses that want to scale their customer acquisition fast through solid digital marketing strategies.

Contact Information

Name: Sprout Media Limited

Office Address: Top Plaza, 1 Kindaruma Rd, Nairobi


  1. Bean Interactive

Bean is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in digital marketing, campaign planning, and execution. The company was founded by Martin Kiarie and Allen Kambuni and over a short period grew into one of the most innovative and creative digital marketing agencies in Nairobi.

Contact Information

Name: Bean Interactive

Address: Kabarsiran Close, Kabarsiran Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya


  1. Dotsavvy

Founded by Moses Kemibaro in 2002, Dotsavvy is mainly considered the first digital marketing agency in Kenya and over the years has done great digital marketing campaigns for some of the most impactful brands in Kenya.

It’s also easily one of the most recognizable names in the Kenyan digital marketing space, having dominated the industry for over 18 years.

Contact Information

Name: Dotsavvy Africa

Address: Suite №25 Lower Hill Duplex, Upper Hill Road


  1. Zilojo

Zilojo is a full-service advertising agency in Nairobi that offers a unique blend of traditional and digital marketing to some of the leading brands in Kenya. Its service offerings range from TVC and radio ad production to content creation for digital channels.

Contact information

Name: Zilojo

Address:8th Floor, Pinetree Plaza


  1. Creative VMLY&R

Creative VMLY&R is one of the leading full-service advertising and communication agencies in Kenya. It is affiliated with the global VMLY&R group hence its name. It was the first Kenyan agency to win the Cannes Lion Award in 2015. Over the years they have executed compelling through-the-line campaigns for some of Kenyan leading brands.

Contact Information

Name: Creative VMLY&R

Address: Level 5, Eden Square, Westlands


  1. Brand 2D

Brand 2D is a digital and creative marketing agency founded in 2009 and in a short window has grown into one of the most impactful marketing agencies in Kenya, handling communications for among other clients Nivea, Samsung, Colgate, and Zuku among others.

Contact information

Name: Brand 2D

Address: Nelleon Place Rhapta Road, Westlands


7.Ace Solution Africa

Ace Solutions Africa is a web design agency who have delved also into the digital marketing space and by default provides an array of digital marketing services including search engine optimization.

Contact Information

Name: Ace Solution Africa

Address:03, Mogotio Road, Parklands



  1. Get sales

Get Sales offers comprehensive digital marketing solutions and is one of the better-optimized SEO agencies in Kenya. They handle SEO for an array of Kenyan businesses and are one of the best-equipped SEO agencies in Nairobi to hire for your project.

Contact Information

Name: Get Sales

Address: Greenhouse Mall


  1. Agency Africa

The agency is an award-winning digital marketing agency in Nairobi offering an array of digital marketing services including web design. They are also one of the agencies deemed to be taking SEO in Kenya seriously in terms of the valuable content they have shared on their platforms.

Contact Information

Name: Agency Africa

Address: Agency Africa


10.Global Desarts media

This is one of the players in SEO Kenya and has been helping Kenyan businesses rank in search engines for over 8 years. They have also been awarded as the most improved SEO solutions provider in East Africa.

Contact Information

Name: Global Desarts Media

Address: Kimathi House, Kimathi Street


  1. Dimehub

Dimehub is a result-driven digital marketing company in Kenya offering SEO and social media marketing services so an array of Kenyan businesses. It is one of the main players in the SEO space in Nairobi.

Contact Information

Name: Dimehub

Address: 7th Floor, Citadel Muthithi Road, Westlands


  1. Web creations Design

Web Creations Design is a web expert in Kenya specializing in, web hosting and SEO services to Kenyan businesses. The company also offers logo design and email marketing among other services

Contact Information

Name: Web Creations Design

Address:4th Floor, Kenya Cinema



  1. TDS marketers

TDS Marketers is a digital marketing company in Kenya offering tailored services ranging from web design, content development, SEO, and social media marketing

Contact Information

Name: TDS marketers

Address: 5th Floor, Fortis Towers, Westlands



  1. Page One

Page One is a leading SEO and online marketing firm based in Nairobi, Kenya. One of the key players in the SEO space. Though relatively small it offers one of the best SEO services in Kenya and is a respected name in the SEO Kenya community.

Contact Information

Name: Page One Kenya

Address: Unity Plaza,4th Floor



  1. SEO Kenya

SEO Kenya is still a relatively small player in the SEO Kenya community that’s slowly building its name in the community. They offer SEO services alongside other online marketing services and are set to grow significantly with the growth of search engine optimization in Kenya.

Contact Information

Name: SEO Kenya

Address: 4th Floor, Norwich Union


Hire SEO Companies in Nairobi

There are a lot of upcoming great digital marketing firms in Nairobi that offer SEO services but these are the top 15 SEO companies in Nairobi according to our criteria, that can help you with your SEO needs.

SEO in Kenya is still growing and more players are bound to join the space as more businesses take up the services.

Here are a few pointers to have in mind when choosing your SEO partner in Nairobi:

  1. Smaller agencies are bound to deliver great results as they give more attention to your business compared to larger clients with 100 clients to serve with different services
  2. Do not fall for the instant results lie.SEO is a process and takes time
  3. Not that SEO is not an exact science and the results and tactics your agency will employ will mostly be influenced by experience, research, and Experiments/tests
  4. Give close attention to your backlink strategy as some SEO agencies in Nairobi will bombard your sites with very low-quality links which will only work against your business ranking
  5. Have an idea of SEO prices in Nairobi, prices for SEO services may vary depending on many factors including Keyword difficulty

Here are some SEO tips for Kenyan businesses that you can use to quickstart your SEO activity on your website.

If there are any specific topics on SEO services in Kenya that you would like us to cover, do not hesitate to let us know in the comment section and we will try to include them in our content plan.


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